Yuusuke/Yuuko Maki



Vital statistics
Name Yuusuke/Yuuko Maki
Gender Male
Female (after rain)
First Appearance

Yuusuke Maki is one of the five male leads in Clear up After Rain, where he is the most reclusive of the five. Like the others, he suffers from the condition of transforming into a girl when it rains, though it takes him longer to grow accustomed this change, than it does the others. As a girl he is goes by the name Yuuko Maki, but the other four boys always refer to him as Maki-Chan in either form.


Yuusuke Maki is shown to be a tall boy, with medium-length black hair, who wears glasses.

As Yuuko, she is also rather tall, but with a feminine body frame, much longer black hair, and the same pair of glasses.




  • Yuusuke was the only one of the five not to meet the others right after becoming a girl.

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